Industrial Technician Program (ITP)

MFI's flagship program, the Industrial Technician Program (ITP), is a post-secondary certificate program which equips students with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to be highly competent technicians, even entrepreneurs.

For 25 years, the ITP has produced quality graduates who were developed as conscientious workers and now play significant roles in driving their respective organizations to success. More importantly, these 3,158 graduates have been instrumental in improving the lives of their families and their communities.


The ITP curriculum is a product of thorough research in consultation with industry and technology experts. All courses are approved by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and periodically reviewed to ensure industry relevance. The curriculum is a right mix of classroom lectures and hands-on activities in a simulated work environment to provide students with solid foundations on both theory and practice. ITP is culminated by an 8-month on-the-job training which gives the students opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in an actual work setting.

To shape MFI students to become citizens of character, Total Human Development Approach (THD) is integrated in the curriculum design and delivery. This aims to develop competent Filipino workers who possess the right attitude toward work and life.

Why ITP?

It is good to obtain a college degree but obtaining one still does not guarantee employment. This is because the available jobs in the market today are usually technical in nature. Such is supported by 2006 TESDA statistics which states that:

"There are approximately 600,000 technical jobs waiting to be filled with people with the right skills."

MFI Technological Institute answer this problem of industry mismatch through its ITP, minimizing both underemployment and unemployment. It also supplies the industry with competent workers imbued with proper work attitude and values.

ITP's well refined on-the-job training and intensive human value formation programs provide the greatest advantage to its graduates as thess becomes their key to greater employability.


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