Industrial Technician Program (Dual Training System)

Industrial Technician Program (Dual Training System)

DTS trio

Career shifters and second coursers, MFI’s 2-year certificate programs are for you!

MFI’s certificate programs are full-time two(2)-year programs delivered via the Dual Training System (DTS).  DTS is a mode of training delivery where students learn the required knowledge and skills in school on the first year and advanced skills and experience in partner companies on the second year.  MFI’s certificate courses guarantee employment opportunities to its students by making sure they succeed in their training and apprenticeships.

Enroll in one of the most in-demand specializations listed below  and start on a new career by enrolling in one of the following specializations:

  • Industrial Mechatronics Technology
  • Master Electrician

We are now accepting applicants for the SY 2017-2018. For inquiries, you may contact us on the following:

Direct Lines: (+632) 8465142 / (+632) 8465143
Mobile numbers: +63 906 2347131 / +63 929 2116005

Ready to start the application process? Download the Application Form here.