Advanced Graphic Designing Using Photoshop
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14 HRS
PHP 2990

An advanced short intensive course aiming to teach young individuals about the basics and importance of Graphic Designing and its practical uses in the creative and working industry.

1. Importance of Graphic Design

· What is Graphic Design used for?

· Functionality VS Aesthetic

· Design VS Art

2. Core Design Principles refresher

· Balance

· Scaling

· Framing

· Visual Hierarchy

· Grids and Alignment

· Proximity

· Repetition

· Contrast

· Color

· Negative Space

· Typography

3. Color Principles

· The Color Wheel and Basic Color Theory

4. Layout and Planning your design

· Finding the right theme and aesthetic for your project or work

· Sketching and Layout

5. Typography

· Introduction to Typography

· Choosing the right font

6. Conclusion

· Examples of bad designs and what to avoid doing

· Graphic design terminologies and other jargons to remember

Students must have taken the beginner’s course for Graphic Design and must have basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop or any Editing or Designing software to take this course to be able to participate in the hands-on activities provided after this course.

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