Advanced PLC (APLC)
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40 HRS
PHP 9,000

This course is the continuation of basic PLC which provides an in-depth training of the advance features of programmable logic controllers including advance instructions sets, registers, data manipulation, subroutines, arithmetic, analog functions, I/O interrupt and PID control. It provides theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competencies required to implement advanced programming techniques in PLCs, to network PLCs and interface them with industrial processes and systems.

Upon completion of the module, the participant must be able to:

1. Read and interpret advance PLC programming languages instructions.
2. Identify other mechatronic devices included in a PLC control system including relays, timers, counters, proximity sensors,
analog sensors and electro-pneumatic devices.
3. Install and connect mechatronic devices included in a PLC controlled system.
4. Configure and test a PLC controlled system.
5. Develop mechatronics control circuits and advance software application programs.
6. Troubleshoot and maintain a PLC-based control system.
7. Develop advanced/complicated PLC programs.

Participants in this course should have prior knowledge of PLC basics.

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