Computer Systems Servicing NCII
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90 HRS
PHP 16,500

This course is designed to aid students in passing TESDA’s Computer Systems Servicing NCII assessments.              It develops core skills in computer hardware, networking, and server administration.

COC I – Install and configure computer systems (24hrs)

        Personal Computer

Introduction to Personal Computer System

Components of a Computer System
– Software Component
– Hardware Component

Specialized Computer System


Safe Lab Procedures
– Procedures to protect people
– Procedures to protect equipment and data
– Procedures to protect the environment
Proper Use of Tools
– Hardware Tools
– Organizational Tools

Computer Assembly

Assemble the Computer

Boot the Computer

Navigate and Explore the BIOS/UEFI


Operating Systems

Introduction to Operating Systems (OS)
– Function of an operating systems
– Types of an operating systems (DOS and NOS)
– Examples of an operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS)

Operating System Installation
– Configuring the BIOS/UEFI
– Partitioning strategy
– Installation media preparation (CD and Flash Drive)

Software and Device Driver Installation
– Programs and Features
– Device Manager

Windows Management
– Control Panel
– Administrative Tools
– Windows Firewall
– User Accounts

User and File Permission

Client Side Virtualization


COC II – Setup Computer Networks (24hrs)


            Network Concepts

Principles of Networking
– Computer Networks
– Types of Networks

Networking Standards
– Reference Model

Physical Components of a Network
– Network Devices
– Cables and Connectors

Basic Networking Concepts and Technologies
– Device Addressing


Network Setup

Peer to peer setup

Remote Connection

Network Sharing

Wireless Network Setup


Structured Cabling


COC III – Setup Computer Servers (40hrs)


            Introduction to Windows Server

Advantage of using a client server network setup

Windows Server Roles


            Deployment and Management of Windows Server

Installation and configuration

Full installation vs Server Core

Configure server for remote management


            Windows Server Service – DHCP

Introduction to DHCP

Configuring and managing DHCP on Windows Server


            Windows Server Service – DNS

Introduction to DNS

Configuring and managing DNS on Windows Server


            Active Directory

Introduction to Windows Active Directory

Active Directory Basic Installation

Managing Active Directory Accounts (Users and Groups)


            Group Policy Object (GPO)

Introduction to GPO (GPO vs Local Group Policy)

GPO application (OU and Group)


            Windows Server Service – File Server

Introduction to Windows File Server

Windows Server File Sharing (Using Active Directory users and group)

File Service Resource Manager
– Disk Quota
– File Screening

Drive Mapping (Manual and Dynamic)

Folder Redirection (Using GPO)


            Windows Server Service – Print

Introduction to Windows Print Server

Deploying and sharing printers using Print Services (with GPO integration)


            Windows Server Service – Web Server (IIS)

Introduction to Windows Web Server (IIS)

Managing and configuring IIS
– Hosting single site
– Hosting multiple site using IP Based and Named Based


COC IV – Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks (2hrs)


This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a Computer Service Technician in accordance with industry standards. It covers core competencies such as:

  1. Install and configure computer systems
    1. Safety
    2. Computer Assembly
    3. Operating system, and
    4. Window Management
  2. Setup Computer Networks
    1. Network Concept
    2. Network Setup
    3. Structured Cabling
  3. Setup Computer Servers
    1. Introduction to Windows Server
    2. Deployment and Management of Windows Server
    3. Windows Server Service – DHCP
    4. Windows Server Service – DNS
    5. Active Directory
    6. Group Policy Object (GPO)
    7. Windows Server Service – File Server
    8. Windows Server Service – Print
    9. Windows Server Service – Web Server (IIS)
  4. Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks


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