Factory Automation (FA)
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40 HRS
PHP 10,500

This module prepares the participants in starting-up, troubleshooting and commissioning a mechatronics system. It discusses the specifications of an Automated Production Line and all its components. Learners will be taught how to install, connect, wire, terminate and integrate all mechatronics devices and components. He/she will also be guided all throughout the training course in order to assemble the Automatic Production Line from scratch to a completely functional mechatronics system.

Upon completion of the module, participants must be able to:
(a) Describe the function of an Automatic Production Line and all its components,
(b) Know different types of mechatronics devices including sensors, electrical devices, pneumatics and electro-pneumatics devices, PLCs and HMIs,
(c)Explain the operation of AC motor drives,
(d)Set-up PLC Systems (using Siemens S7-200) for PPI network communications,
(e)Configure a servo motor driver using Panasonic c Minas A4 series,
(f)Configure AC motor driver using Siemens Micromaster 420,
(g) Set-up PLC program for controlling industrial control elements using Pulse Train Output (PTO) or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), High Speed Counter (HSC) and analog instructions.
(h) Troubleshoot and commission a complete Automatic Production Line

You will be accepted in this course if you have completed the following:

a. MFI’s Advanced PLC course (APLC) and Industrial Process Controls(IPC) course


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