Graphic Designing Using Photoshop for Beginners
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14 HRS
PHP 3290

A short intensive course aiming to teach young individuals about the basics and importance of Graphic Designing and its practical uses in the creative and working industry and an introduction and how to use Adobe Photoshop.

1. Introduction to Graphic Design

· Understanding Graphic Design

· What is Graphic Design used for?

· Most commonly used programs

· Design Trends

2. Basic Design Principles

· Balance

· Scaling

· Framing

· Visual Hierarchy

· Grids and Alignment

· Proximity

· Repetition

· Contrast

· Color

· Negative Space

· Typography

3. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

· Introduction

· Getting Started

o Getting Familiar with the work area

o Zooming and panning

o Undo a command

o Saving your work

· Changing the image size

o Resizing an image

o Set the resolution

o Crop and Straighten an image

o Expand the canvas

· Working with layers

o Understand layers

o Learn layer basics

o Resize layers

o Add images to a layered design

o Unlock the background layer

· Adjust the image quality

o Adjust brightness and contrast

o Adjust color vibrance

o Adjust hue and saturation

o Learn about adjustment layers

· Make selections

o Learn selection basis

o Learn how to use the quick selection and lasso tools

o Use the lasso tool

o Fine-tune a selection

· Retouch images

o Remove small objects

o Add objects by cloning

o Remove a large object

· Use color

o Work with brushes

o Use foreground and background colors

o Choose a color

o Using the color panel

o Picking a color from preset color swatches and swatches panel

· Add texts and shapes

o Add text

o Edit text

o Create a graphic shape

o Add a built-in custom shape

· Combine images

o Add texture to an image

o Add an object to an image with a layer mask

o Replace a background using a layer mask

· Apply filters

o Browse the filter gallery

o Blur an image with smart filters

4. Photoshop Cheat sheets and other tips and tricks

· Cheat sheets

· Keyboard shortcut list

· conclusion

Students must have basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop or any Editing or Designing software to take this course to be able to participate in the hands-on activities provided after this course.

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