Industrial Electrical Technology (EIM NC III)
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Electricians are highly skilled trade professionals which are trained to solve a wide variety of issues with electrical supply system, lighting systems and control systems (e.g. air conditioning, pumps, compressors, fans, elevators, escalators, cranes). They might work in residential wiring outlets and light fixtures, or in commercial and industrial establishments like offices, buildings, malls, factories, refineries, etc. overseeing electrical equipment. Trained electricians  help keep society humming by making sure electricity is safely available to everyone. Perhaps most importantly, however, they keep their communities safe by preventing and responding to dangerous situations.

This course will enable students a firm background in the use of basic circuitry used in residential, commercial and modern industrial applications. Electric motors and its associated motor controls, switch relay systems, transformers, programmable and logic controls and variable speed drives, safety practices, the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC), blueprint reading and other areas are thoroughly covered.

During apprenticeship on the second year, students will have a chance to install, maintain and repair electric power in rural, residential and commercial areas. They will be employed by large businesses, or work in factories and government installations.  This 1,440 hours of on-th-job (OJT) training is a vital component, and that training only happens under the watchful eye of a seasoned electrician.

We are now accepting applicants for the SY 2017-2018. For inquiries, you may contact us on the following:

                  Trunk lines  8 632 0758 to 65 local 446 /283 /431 / 433
                  Direct line – 8 633 3623

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