Mobile Development Using Android
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36 HRS
PHP 8500.00

An intensive mobile application platform training course geared towards building
basic practical knowledge on how to build mobile applications on Android platform. This course
is meant to provide students a practical foundation in order to learn how to build Android mobile

1. High-level Overview of Android Development
• The Android Operating System
• Android Versions
• Android Application Architecture
• Configuration via the manifest file
2. Android Studio Overview and Installation
• Android SDK and Android Studio
• System Requirement
• Download and Installation of Android Studio
• Android Studio User Interface
• Installing the Android Emulator
• Using the Android Emulator and the Android Virtual Device
• Using the Android device for Testing
• Installing the Android SDKs
• Workflow Basics
3. Using Views and View Groups to Design the User Interface
• Views- The Widgets in Android
• View Groups-Layout Manager for view arrangement
• Understanding the Layout Files
• Overview of Layout Managers
• Implementing ScrollView
4. More on Static Resources
• Resource Files
• Resource File and
• Good Practice for Resource ID
• Accessing Resources from the layout in an Activity
• Reference to resources in XML file
• Providing other resources via Assets Directory
5. Managing the Application Lifecycle
• The out-of-memory killer
• The Application Life Cycle
• The Activity Life Cyle
• Termination of Activities
• Activity Instance State
• Persisting data across configuration changes
6. Starting other Android Components via Intents
• What are intents?
• Starting activities or services
• Sending out explicit or implicit intents
• Determine valid intent receivers
• Intents as event triggers
• Data transfer between activities
• Retrieving result data from sub-activity
7. Android Interface Design Principles
• Designing Android Applications
• Responsive Design
• Theming in Android and Material Design
• What are styles and themes?
• Referring attributes in the current theme
• Android Themes
• Using Android platform themes
8. Android and SQLite Database
• Define a schema and contract
• Create a database using an SQL helper
• Put information into a database
• Read information from a database
• Delete information from a database
• Update a database
• Persisting database connection
9.Connecting to Network and Web Service
• Connect to the Network
• HttpURLConnection
• Posting Content
• Fetching Data
• Converting InputStream into String
• JSON in Android
10. Action Bar and Menus
• Introducing the Action Bar
• Setting up the Action Bar
• Add and Handle Actions
• Menus in Android
• Creating Options Menu
• Creating Popup Menu
11. Publishing your App
• Certificates and keystores
• Sign your debug build
• Sign an APK
• Publishing to Google Play

Students must have a basic programming background (C#, Java,, etc.) and
a strong foundation in object-oriented programming (OOP) and SQL.

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