Practical Electricity and Electronics
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40 HRS
PHP 5,000

The program covers the principles of electricity, basic circuits and common devices in electronic circuits. Also included are the most commonly used test measuring instruments such as VOM, oscilloscope and function generator.

Upon completion of the course, students must be able to:

  • Explain basic electrical concepts
  • Practice electrical safety
  • Explain basic circuits such as series, parallel and combinational circuits
  • Identify various electrical devices and associated symbols
  • Identify various electronics components and symbols
  • Given schematic diagram interconnect component to form an operational circuit
  • Operate/use common test instruments such as VOM, oscilloscope, function generator
  • Identify various electronic devices
  • Soldering and de-soldering basics

Course Outline:


Part 1: Electrical

  • Fundamentals of Electrical

– Ohms Law

  • Instruments

– VOM-analog

  • Commonly used electrical devices
  • Basic Circuits

– Series/Parallel



Common electronic devices:

  • Passive:
    • Resistor
    • Capacitor
    • Inductor
  • Electronics test instruments and Equipment
  • Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator
  • DCV Power Supply



  • Active:
    • Semiconductor Diodes
    • Bipolar Junction Transistor
  • Symbols
  • Uses
  • Operation
  • Rating
  • Defects and Testing
  • Test equipment: Oscilloscope, signal generator


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