Television and Monitor Servicing
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30 HRS
PHP 5,800

The course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a trainee/student on servicing consumer electronics, in accordance with industry standards. Training includes the basic operation for both LCD and LED television and monitor, how to diagnose and troubleshoot the defective TV section and stage through symptom analysis, performance of correct servicing steps, procedures, and techniques, as well as how to use the right tools and equipment for effective servicing and safety. Laboratory activities are provided to verify and practice learned principles.

Upon completion of the module, the participant must be able to:
1. Learn the operation and functions of LCD and LED television
2. Interpret block diagrams and identify parts of the TV and monitor system
3. Diagnose and troubleshoot the defective TV/monitor section and stage through symptom analysis
4. Perform correct servicing steps, procedures, and techniques for repair, maintenance and troubleshooting.
5. Use the right tools and test equipment for effective TV/monitor servicing.


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