Total Human Development

MFI’s service does not stop on the student’s academic enrichment. Our goal for our students is to be able to provide them not only with the knowledge and skill necessary for their careers, but as well as, ensure their holistic development.


It is the term adopted by the department to describe the Guidance Program. The THD is characterized as: person-centered and developmental, holistic, and pro-active and dynamic.

  • Person-Centered and Developmental. The primary activity of the program is the regular individual counseling with every scholar. It is not problem-centered; it takes more into account the potentials and circumstances of each person. There are other activities meant to enrich his cultural and social dimensions and to help him mature mentally and emotionally.
  • Holistic. It takes into account the relevant factors that affect the development if a scholar: the family, the Institute itself, and the industry.

The program includes Seminars for Parents to make them aware of their role as models and educator. Feedback is constantly gathered from industry, from the faculty and from the students. These become vital resource materials for constantly upgrading the HRD subjects, the seminar modules and for further researches.

  • Pro-active and Dynamic. Services include design and conduct of seminars like work attitude, time management, study techniques, family and social conduct, and leadership training. Student clubs are encouraged and at the same time regulated to ensure that these really contribute to the enhancement of the students’ potentials.

MFI’s Guidance Program is rooted in the objective of the school to develop well-rounded workers for the industries. The program complements the intensive skills training of the students. It incorporates activities that will:

  1. Give them education in values,
  2. Encourage them to acquire good social and work habits, spiritual depth, and cultural formation,
  3. Allow them to adjust to a different academic environment and professional career.
  4. Help them mature mentally and emotionally.

The program, thus, aims to contribute to the development if the scholars into responsible, productive, and well-balanced persons of our society.

The services offered by the Guidance Program are:

  1. Counseling
    1. Individual Counseling
    2. Group Counseling
    3. Group Guidance
  2. Learning Assistance
    1. Orientation to MFI Technician Career, Culture and Core Values.
    2. Study Technique Seminar Series
  3. Human Formation Activities
    1. Talk on Values (with Focus on MFI core and corporate values, personal, social and professional competencies and work values of technicians)
    2. Recollection
    3. Youth Encounter
    4. Seminar on Love, Courtship and Marriage
    5. Seminar on Human Sexuality
    6. Leadership Training Seminar for class and club officers
  4. Extra-curricular Activities
    1. Class get-together
    2. Clubs’ presentation
    3. Club Activities
  5. Seminar for Parents. The module include:
    1. Essence of Education
    2. Role of Schools in Education
    3. Parents’ Role in Education
    4. Attitude to Man
    5. Attitude to People
    6. Attitude to Family and Work
    7. Attitude to Change
    8. Entrepreneurship
    9. Understanding Your Teenager
    10. Responsible Parenting
  6. Information Service
    1. Parents and Students’ Orientation
    2. Students’ Profile using inventory record and student’s portfolio
  7. Module Development
  8. Research
  9. Testing
    1. Adjustment
    2. Personality
    3. Interest
  10. Evaluation

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