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The main campus of MFI is the Pasig Campus, located in the Ortigas District of Pasig City and proximate to The Medical City hospital.

It caters to students of senior high school and industrial technician program (ITP). Short courses are conducted here, for those who want to have it at the campus itself.

Short Courses

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Hottest courses in this campus

Industrial Electrician

Learn about the fundamental concepts of electrical technology such as safety, electrical instruments, blueprint reading, and many more.

Marine Electrical Training (Electrical Training for Marine Engineers)

Most of the training focuses on practical application

Refrigeration And Airconditioning Mechanic

This covers the details of the Refrigeration Cycle. The Four Major components and its function in the RAC System, Mechanical Vapor Compression process, Refrigerants

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The MFI Malaboncampus offers a varied selection of technical-vocational-centered educational programs you can choose from depending on your level and needs.

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