Short Course: High Voltage Cable Splicing and Termination

Date Posted: 8/9/2017

(Registration/Application is on-going! The class will begin on Aug. 30 until Sep. 1.)

For inquiries, call 633-3623, email, or text 0927-2687116 / 0939-8398314. You can also pre-register here.

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Course Description: This course equips the participants with essential knowledge and skills on proper cable preparation, splicing, and termination. The course is perfect for new and experienced electricians and technicians who install, maintain, repair or troubleshoot 5-35 kV solid dielectric power cables. Relevant demonstrations and practical, hands on activities on cable preparation and proper taping technique are included for optimal skills learning.

Course Duration: 3 days



Use tools such as cable stripper, various types of crimping tools (hydraulic crimper, manual crimper, battery operated crimper)

Prepare cable for splicing utilizing hand tools, abrasives and solvents

Install taped, molded heat shrink splices on tape-shielded and jacketed concentric(JCN) cables

Install taped, cold shrink, heat shrink, and molded elbow terminations

Cable Testing using a DC HI-Pot from 5kV-35kV to proof-test terminations and splices performed in workshop

Insulation Testing of cable up to 10kV

Identify the causes of splice and termination failures

OSHA safety requirements regarding medium voltage cable splicing and termination


Pre-requisite skills: Fundamentals of electricity gained thru study or work experience