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For enterprises looking for a more tailor-made and focused training, our Customized Training Services can help solve and cater to your specific business needs.


MFI is composed of professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable industry experts who will help design and implement courses to achieve your human resource development and business goals.


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Industries/Technologies/Programs delivered:


Metal Trades



Process Automation


Office Productivity

…and much more.


Our  ”Customized” Customers:

Avior Marine Inc.

CDO Foodsphere Inc.

Chevron Philippines

D’Amico Ship Ishima Philippines Inc.

Louis International Manpower

MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Union Galvasteel Corporation

…and many others.


Minimum # of Participants/Trainees: negotiated



Trade skills assessments (also known as trade tests) are the most flexible, economical and straightforward way to assess and validate the ability of individual employees or prospective recruits to perform the skill-based tasks that the industry needs.


The rigorous but easy-access format [tests can take as little as two(2) to four(4) hours to complete] means employers that need to analyze workforce skills and knowledge can easily test employees or recruits and can be confident that, if successful, they can be relied on to apply the skills tested immediately in a work environment.


MFI is a TESDA-accredited assessment center for a variety of National Certificate qualifications.


The following are some of the skills assessment MFI provides:




Automotive Mechanic


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