Testimonial from Ms. Kim Angellyn Millonte, a Senior High School-Computer Programming, Batch 2018 Class. Graduated this School Year as A Summa Cum Laude Class of 2022 BS Education – PUP.

“I could still remember the ups and downs during my senior high school days.
I am not the most computer-literate person in my class, and I just have an average passion for the TVL field. However, it did not stop me from graduating with high honors.
I worked hard, but it was also made possible because of my teachers (Sir Bonjovi, Ma’am Brenfel, Sir Anthony, Sir Adrian, Ma’am Mila, Sir Bok, Ma’am JC, Ma’am Marilyn, Ma’am Jhoanne, Ma’am Erlyn, and many more), classmates, and school staff who warmly welcomed and enlightened me.
I might have continued the path of being a computer programmer, but I pursued education because I felt that it was where I could excel more; it was a calling.
I particularly enjoyed all the English subjects; thanks to Ms. Joy Uy and Ms. Kerubin Batoc for making it enjoyable and unlike any other English class for two whole years.
My heartfelt appreciation goes to MFI Polytechnic Institute Inc., my former senior high school, for giving me the leeway to pursue greater opportunities in academe. You have imparted me with knowledge, motivated me to strive for academic excellence, and made me realize that everyone is meant for great things in life, no matter their differences.
Bilang isa sa mga nagsipagtapos ngayong 2022, ako po’y maglilingkod mula sa’yo, para sa bayan!”