Senior High School

The Senior High School of MFI offers specializations  in Information and Communications Technology and Industrial Arts.

At MFI, we equip our senior high school students with industry-relevant and universal work and life skills to prepare them for college, employment, or entrepreneurship.

The senior high school program is considered a stepping stone to one’s industry of choice. With its majors belonging to the technical-vocational track, MFI provides every senior high school enrollee with the opportunity and the leeway to pursue any of the following directions after graduating from the program: college education, technical-vocational education, employment (especially for those with NC-I or NC-II certification), or even entrepreneurship.


MFI’s senior high school program offers the following majors:

  • Automotive Servicing (NC-I)
  • Computer Programming (NC-IV)

These are the descriptions of the majors in the SHS program:

Computer Programing (NC-IV)Apply now

Track: TVL

Strand: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Campus available: MFI-Pasig


Taking the Computer Programming (NC-IV) specialization will equip the students with the skills to:

  • Analyze signs, symbols, and data
  • Select the program logic design approach
  • Document the program logic or design
  • Validate the design
  • Determine and select appropriate program development approach
  • Apply the selected development approach
  • Develop and strengthen PECs needed in Computer Programming
  • Develop a product/service in Computer Programming
  • Select a business idea based on the criteria and techniques set
  • Apply basic language syntax and layout
  • Code using standard algorithms
  • Debug and test code
  • Apply basic object-oriented principles in the target language

Automotive Servicing (NC-I)

Track: TVL

Strand: Industrial Arts

Campus Available: MFI-Pasig


Taking the Automotive Servicing (NC-I) specialization will equip the students with the skills to:

  • Measure/adjust valve tappet clearance
  • Test spark plug
  • Check tire and pressure
  • Replace fuel and air filter
  • Test and replace ignition breaker
  • Check and adjust distributor setting
  • Set fuel mixture and idle revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Perform compression testing
  • Check ignition coil, ballast resistor, high tension cable resistance, and distributor assembly
  • Install wiring and lighting systems
  • Test electrical system and determine preferred action
  • Check clutch and brake fluids and lines
  • Inspect and bleed brake and clutch system

We are now accepting applicants for the SY 2020-2021. For inquiries, you may contact us on the following:

           Direct Line:  8 633 3623

          Trunk Lines:  8 632 0758 to 65 local 446 /283 /431 / 433


Ready to start the application process? Download the Application Form here.