Hundreds of Courses Available


MFI has gone a long way since 1973, evolving into a fully operational educational institution that provides the general public with world-class technical skills education and training.

Be a Scholar!


Apply online to be a scholar. Our scholarships are offered by our partner foundations and industry partners. Slots for these scholarships are available.

Lots of courses to choose from

Short Courses

Whether you want to learn a new trade and gain new skills or develop and update the skills you already have, our short courses provide you with the framework you need so that you would be a master of your chosen trade in no time.

Customized Training for Companies

MFI provides a broad range of learning solutions that empower your employees with the skills and knowledge to excel.

Providing your employees with strategic learning opportunities enhances their knowledge and skills – a key to your organization’s success.

MFI designs and delivers innovative, best in class education,
training and services that actively engage your employees in the
learning process focused on content relevant to your organization’s needs.

Dual Training System

DTS graduates are equipped with up-to-date and appropriate work knowledge, skills, and attitudes making them highly competitive and “wanted” in the labor market.

Who can apply for DTS?

  • High school graduates
  • Course or career shifters

Senior High School

At MFI, we equip our senior high school students with industry-relevant and universal work and life skills to prepare them for college, employment, or entrepreneurship.

 The senior high school program is considered a stepping stone to one’s industry of choice.